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Working with Yvonne was amazing!

! We were moving from out of the area short notice and Yvonne made the experience so much more stress free. She was there to help us find the perfect home for us and We felt so badly that she was running around looking and filming all of the homes for us, but she did it all with a smile and we truly appreciate the effort that she put in for us. She was able to help us set up inspections with very professional companies and even drove 2 hours to wait to pick up our keys for us on a Friday evening. To stay that Yvonne is the ultimate professional is not saying enough


Our realtor, Yvonne, is a breath of fresh air in a commerce that can sometimes be overwhelming for all parties involved.

From the moment we began to work with Yvonne it was evident that her main goal was to help us find our “forever home”. We were not just another sale or number to her. She worked tirelessly and skillfully throughout the purchasing process. Yvonne was ALWAYS available to answer any questions or address any concerns we had. In the events she was unable to provide information on the spot; we were confident she would do some investigating and get back to us in a timely fashion. Yvonne never once let us down. She has a great network of professionals she relies upon when she is not an expert in certain areas. Yvonne has a knack for getting to the bottom of issues, addressing the issues and ensuring all parties involved are informed. Yvonne was involved in every step of the purchasing process. At no time did we feel she was brash or rushing us to make a decision. On a couple of occasions a timely decision had to be made; and Yvonne would layout the details, give us a time frame and patiently delivered exceptional support. If I had to summarize Yvonne into one sentence it would be: Yvonne is a professional, motivated and diligent realtor focused on providing her clients with the topmost customer service which focuses on integrity, timeliness and most importantly thoughtfulness. Our home buying journey was a delightful experience and we are quite sure it had a lot to do with our realtor, Yvonne Reed-Carlock.


Awesome and extremely informative!

!! If you are looking for someone who is detailed, informative, end professional look no further! She provides outstanding customer services and extremely knowledgeable about the business and surrounding communities/areas. Will keep you focused and on track to finding the perfect home for you and your family.

Jannie Gooden

Yvonne brought us to our "Dream Home".

We're DAVs and she was able to secure immediate VA Loan information as well as crucial area information on best practices for real estate in the area we selected. She listened!!!! She Located!!!! She Delivered!!!! My highest recommendation for Yvonne Reed-Carlock...she understands military life and the value we bring into communities. Thank you Yvonne.

Chuck Alexander


Carlock helped me find the home of my dreams! Her knowledge and contacts were invaluable. She taught me about every home I looked at to make sure I knew it to love it. She went out of her way to make sure that I knew every detail of the process. I have already recommended her to others who are looking for a home!

Desmond Boykin

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